Travel and migration: Latest news from the COVID-19 pandemic| Coronavirus Update

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00:00 The Spanish government states the nation is protected to go to, despite an outburst in coronavirus cases. The statement uses the United kingdom reimposed a quarantine on vacationers coming back from The country. Having a cluster of recent outbreaks in Barcelona, residents there fear tighter limitations.

03:16 Here’s a glance at a few of the other developments within the coronavirus pandemic.

04:01 Covid-19 has stranded individuals holiday resorts as well as on business journeys. Along with a travel shutdown has additionally left some worldwide students dry and high. Here’s the storyline of a couple of them who been on Germany’s remotest North-Ocean island after their options ran out.

06:54 Thousands and thousands of Venezuelans are heading home. Only a couple of several weeks ago they found Colombia looking for a much better existence. But due to the corona pandemic they’ve lost their livelihood. Description of how the want to return to the nation they merely lately left.

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