The Mental Health Fallout of Doctors From COVID-19

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In the last several several weeks, the COVID-19 epidemic has dominated daily existence, with wide-varying impacts around the economy and public health. However, possibly nobody subset of people has experienced the entire brunt from the outbreak more really compared to healthcare workers fighting to help keep it away. Working lengthy hrs with oft-inadequate PPE (and in some cases isolated from family members), they have to confront human suffering & dying in a manner that couple of civilians ever will, and also the mental toll could be exorbitant.

About this premiere episode from the Latest with Lee, VICE’s Lee Adams explores the coronavirus pandemic’s mental health effects around the healthcare workers given the job of combating it. By speaking with mental health professionals in addition to doctors & nurses in the nation’s COVID-19 hotspots, Lee will investigate parallels between your publish-traumatic stress injuries that both active-duty soldiers & frontline healthcare workers must accept.

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