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How are democracies and authoritarian states reacting towards the coronavirus pandemic? An investigative team is searching for clues worldwide and interviewing virologists, health professionals and citizens. Where’s fighting against COVID-19 working where is it not?

Nine several weeks following the new coronavirus first made an appearance, the documentary “The Pandemic Spreads” finds some initial solutions to those questions. The show takes the viewer on the journey all over the world: We dive into seven different countries and evaluate their methods for handling herpes. We go back to the putative beginnings from the pandemic in Wuhan in China. We have seen how Taiwan reacted towards the virus earlier and much more decisively than just about any country on the planet, as Europe and The United States remained as lulling themselves right into a false feeling of security.

Looking back, it’s obvious the Western democracies saw the coronavirus like a local Chinese problem for a lot too lengthy. Yet research from France along with other Countries in europe suggest it had been most likely already in our midst within Europe in the finish of 2019. Our viral world tour also takes us towards the outsiders from the pandemic: Norway, for instance. Initially the Swedes’ special approach was still being viewed as daring, but several weeks later it appears to possess gone disastrously wrong.

The greatest health insurance and financial crisis in the recent past has underlined recent global political developments: because the world power USA sinks into corona chaos, its rival China appears to possess hit its stride. Will Beijing’s authoritarian regime emerge on the top from the crisis through its aggressive and consistent method of herpes? “The Pandemic Spreads” shows how COVID-19 is altering the world permanently.


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