Coronavirus Pandemic Update 75: COVID-19 Lung Autopsies – New Data

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COVID-19 Update 75 with Roger Seheult, MD. All coronavirus updates available free at our website https://world wide and symptoms-treatment

A brand new article in the Colonial Journal of drugs details observations of endothelial damage and thrombosis in lung autopsies of patients who’d COVID-19. This report props up hypothesis that Dr. Seheult has highlighted in the last couple of days.

Dr. Seheult also discusses the re-opening from the largest county in California and reviews a current article printed anyway about how exactly T-cells present in COVID-19 patients is really a favorable sign for lengthy-term immunity. (This video was documented on May 25, 2020)


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All coronavirus updates are in (together with a discussion of this data for coronavirus outbreak within the United kingdom and South america, coronavirus New york city, COVID 19 testing and infections, along with other coronavirus news) so we offer a number of other medical topics (ECG Interpretation, strokes, thrombosis, lung embolism, myocardial infarction, hypercoagulation, hypertension, anticoagulation, DKA, acute kidney injuries, influenza, measles, mechanical ventilation, etc.).


Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Lung Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

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