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For days now China has been around lockdown due to the new coronavirus. Journalist Sebastien Le Belzic who works in Beijing continues to be residing in quarantine aware of his family.

China takes drastic measures inside a bid to retain the spread of coronavirus. New rules are arising every day and also the government depends upon loyal party people to enforce these measures at grassroots level. Because the beginning of China’s communist revolution, neighborhood committee people have helped police the behaviour of the neighbors, reporting back any perceived misdemeanors to individuals at the very top.

Together with many more within the Chinese capital Beijing Sebastien Le Belzic continues to be forced to reside in quarantine together with his family. Social networking platforms are among the couple of methods to remain in contact with the outdoors world. Some brave bloggers are utilizing these channels to talk about their encounters from the crisis. They’re also putting themselves at considerable risk by publishing accounts that aren’t always consistent with the party line. A movie diary about day-to-day existence in Beijing throughout the coronavirus pandemic.


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