China admits to intentionally ‘destroying’ COVID-19 virus samples

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Sky News host Sharri Markson states it is more and more obvious Chinese President Xi Jinping is “exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to say China’s dominance” with all of those other world “on its knees” coping with dual crises.

Ms Markson highlighted China’s actions because it “lied and covered-up” this news from the emerging coronavirus in December.

“They silently scooped up medical supplies and protective gear likes masks from around the globe, while denying the coronavirus was infectious”.

She pointed towards the rogue nation’s “increasingly aggressive” conduct within the South China Ocean which saw a Vietnamese fishing vessel sunk with a Chinese ship.

China has become “intentionally hurting Australia’s economy via tariffs and buying and selling suspensions” at any given time once the Australian economy has already been suffering in “large part due to their COVID-19 cover-up”.

“China has additionally now accepted to destroying virus samples”.

Image: AP

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